Ain't Gonna Cry No More <*>

LaVern Baker (Atlantic 2267) /65

Brenda Lee (Decca 31970) /66

Gwenn Stacey (RCA Victor 47-8306) /64

Ain't No Way To Go Home <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Lay It All Out New Design 30876) /71

The Grass Roots (Alotta Mileage Dunhill DSX50137) /73

Alice <Cynthia Weil>

The Four Preps (Capitol 4792) /62

All The Money In The World <John Lewis Parker>

New Money featuring James House (OST: Million Dollar Mystery New Design MRC1024) /87

Almost Gone <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Warner Bros. 8752) /79

Amy <Cynthia Weil>

Paul Petersen (Colpix 676) /63

Barry Mann (Red Bird 10015) /64

Percy Faith (Themes For Young Lovers Columbia CL2023/CS8823) /63

Angel, Angel, Down We Go <Cynthia Weil>

Angel, Angel, Down We Go (Tower 519) /69

Angel She Gets By <*>

Laura Yager (Ovation 1046) /73

Angelica <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Capitol 5695) /66

Oliver (Crewe 341) /70

Robert Cameron (Epic 10262) /67

Johnny Crawford (Sidewalk 937) /68

P. J. Proby (Enigma Liberty 3497) /67

Roy Hamilton (AGP 116) /69

Gary Puckett (Gary Puckett Album Columbia 30862) /71

Scott Walker (Aloner Smash SRS67099) /68

The Sandpipers (Guantanamera A&M 4117) /66

Paul Mauriat (Mauriat Magic Philips 270) /68

Marco Valenti (Ranwood R962) /73

Wayne Newton (MGM K13936)

D'Aldo Romano (Warner Bros. 7008)

Brendan Hanlon (Columbia 4-44012)
[appears in different title "Angelique"]

Gene Pitney (Backstage Musicor MM2098) /66

Angry Sea , The <Noel Sherman>

Jane Morgan (Kapp K358X) /60

Annie Adorable <Larry Kolber>

Russ Aladdin (Alpine AE65) /60

Another Goodbye <Cynthia Weil, Scott English>

Donna Fargo (Dark-Eyed Lady Warner Bros. 3191) /78

Debby Boone (Midstream Warner/Curb 3130) /78

Tracy (Another Goodbye EMI EMGS5030 Singapore) /79

As Long As We Keep Believing <Cynthia Weil, Paul Anka>

Paul Anka (RCA Victor JH11662) /79

Thrasher Brothers (MCA ?)

Baby Come And Get It <Cynthia Weil, James Ingram>

Pointer Sisters (Break Out Planet 1-4705A) /83

Baby Come Home <Cynthia Weil>

Max Merritt & Meteors (Parlophone 3213)

Beauty Of True Love <Larry Kolber>

Billy Eckstine (Mercury 72050) /62

Before I Loved Her <Cynthia Weil>

Mike Clifford (Cameo 381) /65

Johnny Maestro (United Artists 474) /62

Beggar With A Dream , A <Noel Sherman>

Five Satins (Cub 9077) /60

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Best I Ever Was , The <Arthur Hamillton>

John Pagano (John Pagano MCA D10418) /92

Eli (When You Fall In Love Chartmaker CMR14401) /96

Best Of My Life , The <Richard Harris>

Bill Medley (Here And Now Planet BXL1-4434) /82

Best That I Know How , The <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (United Artists 1021) /78

Beyond Love <Harry Shannon>

Suzanne Klee (Sayin' I Love You EMI 13C062-76025 Switzerland) /78

Bitter Sweet Kisses <Hank Hunter>

Margie Bowes (Mercury 71845) /61

Black Butterfly <Cynthia Weil>

Deniece Williams (Let's Hear It For The Boy Columbia 39366) /84

Black California <Cynthia Weil>

Thelma Houston (Thelma Houston Mowest102) /72

Dorothy Morrison (Brand New Day Buddah BDS5067) /70

Blame It On The Bossa Nova <Cynthia Weil>

Eydie Gorme (Columbia 42661) /63

Joe Harnell (Columbia 44365)

Lawrence Welk (1963's Early Hits Dot 25510) /63

Bobby Vee (30 Big Hits Of The 60's Liberty LRP3385/LST7385) /64

Annette (At Bikini Beach Buena Vista BV3324) /64

Cliff Richard (Kinda Latin Columbia SX6039/SCX6039 UK) 5/66

Caterina Valente, Silvio Francesco, Johnny Keating Und Sein Orchester (Tanz Mit Catrin 
Hor Zu HZT514 / SHZT514 GER) /64
[appears in different title "Schuld War Nur Der Bossa Nova"]
[A part of "Bossa-Nova-Medley"]

Caterina Valente (Live At The Talk Of The Town Decca SLK16.646-P GER) /70
[A part of "Mother Goosenova Medley"]

Bless You <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (ABC-Paramount 10380) /62

Tony Orlando (Epic 9452) /61

Wildfire (Epic 5005)

Jimmy Ruffin (Top Ten Soul 704) /67

Peter London (Pye 7N15957 UK) /65

Bluebird <Art Kaplan>

Brady & Grady Sneed (Dolton 43) /61

Born To Be Together <Cynthia Weil, Phil Spector>

The Ronettes (Philles 126) /65

P. P. Arnold (The First Lady Of Immediate Immediate IMLP/IMSP011 UK) /67

Broken Home <Stanley Styne>

The Whispers (Janus 244) /74

Al Wilson (Show And Tell Rocky Road 3601) /73

White Lion (Big Game Atlantic 81969) /88

Brown Eyed Woman <Cynthia Weil>

Bill Medley (MGM 13959) /68

Cupid's Inspiration (Date 1665)

B. J. Thomas (Most Of All Scepter 586) /70

Barry Mann (Casablanca 2287) /80

Bill Medley (MCA/Curb 53443) /88

Stanley Turrentine (Flipped Drive Archive 41085) /95

Burn Old Bridges <*>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Cabin Fever <Cynthia Weil>

Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash, Bill Barretta, 
Mak Wilson, Barry Mann & Frank Oz (OST: Muppet Treasure Island Angel 37159) /96

Carry Me Home <*>

Barry Mann (New Design 1000) /71

Celebrate America <Cynthia Weil>       

Barry Mann (Varius: Celebrate America! Walt Disney 60780-7) /2002

Charlie Chan, Can You Get Me A Man? <*>

Unknown Girl Group (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Check-Mated And Bingoed <*>

Chico's Girl <Cynthia Weil>

Susan Barrett (Philips 40147) /63

The Girls (Capitol 5675) /66

Bernadette Peters (Bernadette Peters MCA 3230) /80

Christmas Vacation <Cynthia Weil>                  

Martha Staples (Warner Bros. PRO-S-3878) /89

Cindy's Gonna Cry <Cynthia Weil>

Johnny Crawford (Del-Fi 4221) /63

Closer Than Close <Cynthia Weil>

Peabo Bryson (Can You Stop The Rain Columbia 46823) /91

Coldest Night Of The Year , The <Cynthia Weil>

Nino Tempo & April Stevens (Atco 6337) /65

Twice As Much (That's All Immediate 013) /67

Come Back Silly Girl <*>

Steve Lawrence (ABC-Paramount 10146) /60

The Lettermen (Capitol 4699) /62

The Four Macs (Parlophone R5204 UK) /65

Come Easy <Cynthia Weil>

Ryoko Moriyama (Ryoko Moriyama In London Teichiku FX8064) 7/5/73

Come Home Baby <Cynthia Weil>

Terry Knight (Cameo 495) /67

Wilson Pickett (Atlantic 2271) 1/65

Rod Stewart & P. P. Arnold (?)

Come On Over To My Place <Cynthia Weil>

The Drifters (Atlantic 2285) /65

Jerry Cole (Capitol 5394) /65

Comin' Apart <Cynthia Weil, Gary Wright>

Gary Wright (The Right Place Warner Bros. BSK3511) /81

Conscience <Cynthia Weil>

James Darren (Colpix 630) /62

Cool <Joe Shapiro>

Kallin Twins (Decca 9-30868) /59

Count Me Out <Cynthia Weil>

Sheena Easton (OST: All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 Angel 37579) /96

Counting Teardrops <Howard Greenfield>

Barry Mann (ABC-Paramount 10143) /60

Ronny Dale (Pharaoh 123)

Emile Ford & The Checkmates (Pye 7N15314 UK) /60

Crazy Ladies <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Survivor RCA APL10860) /75

Cream Puff <Mike Anthony>                  

Jimmy Boyd (MGM K12788) /59

Dance ('Till You're Out Of My Life) <Scott English>

Scott English (Scott English EMI EMC3245 UK) /78

Dancin' Fool <Cynthia Weil>

Dark Side Of Atlanta <Dan Hill>

Dan Hill (Frozen In The Night 20th Century-Fox T558) /78

Daybreak <Mike Anthony>

Detroit Freeway <Cynthia Weil, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller>

Teri Thornton (?)

Dimples <*>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Dix-A-Billy <Paul Evans>

Buddy Brooks (Eagle 1001)

Don't Ask Me What Is Love <Noel Sherman>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Don't Be Afraid Little Darlin' <Cynthia Weil>

Steve Lawrence (Columbia 42699) /63

Don't Cry Donna <Cynthia Weil>

Tommy Roe (ABC-Paramount10389) /63

Billy Carr (Epic 9801) /65

Don't Destroy Me <Joe Shapiro>

Crash Craddock (Columbia 4-41470) /59

Lawton Williams (RCA Victor 47-8124) /63

Sandy Selsie (Columbia 4-42766) /63

Don't Give Up On Me <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Lay It All Out New Design 30876) /71

Ann Burton (?)

Don't Know Much <Cynthia Weil, Tom Snow>

Barry Mann (Barry Mann Casablanca NBLP7228) /80

Bill Medley (Sweet Thunder Liberty 1097) /81

Linda Ronstadt (Elektra 69261) /89

Bill Medley (Going Home Essential 5404) /93

Glenn Jones (Glenn Jones Jive/Novus 1062-2-J11) /87
[appears in different title "All I Need To Know"]

Bette Midler (No Frills Atlantic 80070-1) /83
[appears in different title "All I Need To Know"]

Hank Crawford (Portrait Milestone 9192) /91

Barry Mann (Soul & Inspiration Atlantic 83239-2) 1/18/2000

Bill Tarmey (Time For Love EMI 7243 8 31262 2 4) /94

Elsa Garcia (Ni Mas, Ni Menos Capitol EMI H2H 42627) /91
[appears in different title "No Se Mas"]

Don't Make My Baby Blue <Cynthia Weil>

Frankie Laine (Columbia 4-42767) /63

The Shadows (Columbia DB7650 UK) /65

Spotnicks (?)

Lonnie Mack (Fraternity 938) /64

The Move (Shazam Regal Zonophone SLRZ1012 UK) /70

Don't Play Number 9 <Cynthia Weil>

Kitty Ford (Smash 1713) /61

Noeleen Batley (King HIT1192 Japan) /65

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Don't Seem Right <*>

Barry Mann (RCA PB10319) /75

Dream With Me <Johm Parker>

Claire Severac (Dream With Me Little Prune Music 64-7907431) /88

Duo , A <Cynthia Weil, James Horner>

Dom DeLuise & Phillip Glasser (OST: An American Tail MCA 39096) /86

Eileen <*>

Endless Love <*>

Lavern Baker (See See Rider Atlantic 8071) /62

Errand Boy <Hank Hunter>

Johnny Halo (Southern Sound 109) /61

Even If I Wanted To <Cynthia Weil>

Carole King (The Right Girl-Brill Building Legends Brill Tone CKW222) /99

Everlasting <Larry Kolber>

The Four Preps (Capitol 5351) /65

The Browns (Three Shades Of Brown RCA Victor LSP2987) /65

Every Little Minute Is So Precious <Gerry Goffin>

Everybody Wants My Boyfriends <Art Kornfeld>

The Bon Bons (Coral 62435) /64

Falling From Paradise <*>

Bobby Brown (Curio C100)

Farmer's Daughter , The <Cynthia Weil>

Fat Song , The <Cynthia Weil>

Sound Track (OST: Angel, Angel, Down We Go Tower ST5161) /69

Fathers And Sons <Al Gorgoni>

Barry Mann & Al Gorgoni (OST: I Never Sang For My Father Bell 1204) /70

Feelings <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Scepter 12281) /70

The Cherry People (Heritage 810) /69

Ed Ames (The Windmills Of Your Mind RCA LSP4172) /69

Magic Lanterns (Shame Shame Atlantic SD8217) /69

The Lettermen (Feelings Capitol SW781) /71

The Fortunes (That Same Old Feeling World Pacific WPS21904) /70

Nancy Priddy (Warner Bros.-Seven Arts 7350) /69

P. K. Limited (Colgems 66-5012)

Fifty Two Percent <Cynthia Weil>

Max Frost & Troopers (Tower 452) /68

13th Power (OST: Wild In The Streets Tower SKAO5099) /68

Future (Uni 55082) /68

Find Another Fool <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (ABC-Paramount 10263) /61

Marcels (Colpix 606) /61

Find Me <Holly Near>

Holly Near (Musical Highlights From The Play Fire In The Rain Redwood RR9303) /93

First Signs Of Love , The <Joe Shapiro>

The Four Coins (Epic 5-9337)

Five Feet Deep In Teardrops <Larry Kolber>

Tex Williams (Liverty 55537) 1/63

Tommy Sands (Teenage Hits & Rarities Hydra Records BCK 27133) /2006

Footsteps <Hank Hunter>

Steve Lawrence (ABC-Paramount 10.085) /60

Barry Mann (Who Put The Bomp In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp ABC-Paramount ABCS399) /61

The Fleetwoods (?)

Ronnie Carroll (Philips PB1004 UK) /60

Sammy Griggs & Coronets (JOB 100) /60

Garry Mills (Top Rank JAR336 UK) /60

Tabs (Wand 130) /62

Showaddywaddy (Bell BLL1499 UK) /81

Frankie Lymon (?)

Mariya Takeuchi (Longtime Favorites Moon WPCL10045 Japan) /2003

For No Reason At All <*>

Barry Mann (Warner Bros. 8752) /79

Mac Davis (Fantasy Columbia JC35284) /78

Lloyd Price (The Nominee... Olde World OWR7704) /78

La Costa (Changin' All The Time Capitol ST12090) /80

Suzanne Klee (It Was Time EMI EMCS2036 Singapore) /79

Anne Murray (New Kind Of Feelng Capitol 11849) /79

Forty Winks Away <Larry Kolber>

Neil Sedaka (RCA Victor 47-7709) /60

Dick Rivers (Bell 636)

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Fourteen Or Fight <Cynthia Weil>

13th Power (OST: Wild In The Streets Tower SKAO5099) /68

From This Day On <Cynthia Weil>

Brenda Russell & Howard Hewett (OST: One Life To Live SBK K2-28336) /94

Howard Hewett (Allegiance Elektra 7559-61393-29) /92

Frozen In The Night <Dan Hill>

Dan Hill (Frozen In The Night 20th Century-Fox T558) /78

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