Take Me To Your Lover <Cynthia Weil>

Mickey Thomas (As Long As You Love Me MCA 2256) /77

Take The First Left <Al Gorgoni>

Barry Mann & Al Gorgoni (OST: I Never Sang For My Father Bell 1204) /70

Take Your Love <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Capitol 2082) /68

Bobby Goldsboro (United Artists 50044) /66

Taking The Long Way Home <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Survivor RCA APL10860) /75

Talk To Me Baby <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Red Bird 10015) /64

Tammany <Al Gorgoni>

Barry Mann & Al Gorgoni (OST: I Never Sang For My Father Bell 1204) /70

Teenage Has Been <Cynthia Weil, Gerry Goffin>

Barry Mann (ABC-Paramount 10380) /64

Teenager In Heaven , A <*>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Telephone <Cynthia Weil>

Shelly Fabares (Colpix 667) /62

Tell It To A Three Eyed Man <Art Kaplan>

Buddy Knox (Liberty F55366) 9/61

That's The Boy <Cynthia Weil>

Ronni Wallis (Decca 32175)

Donna Loren (Glitter And Gold - Words And Music By Barry Mann And Cynthia Weil Ace CDCHD 1212) /2009

There Are No Cats In America <Cynthia Weil, James Horner>

Nehemiah Persoff, John Guarnieri & Warren Hays (OST: An American Tail MCA 39096) /86

There's No Easy Way <*>

James Ingram (Quest 29316) /84

There's No Holding You <Cynthia Weil>

Donna Theodore (Uni 55331)

B. J. Thomas (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head / Everybody's Out Of Town Collector's Choice Music CCM-2059
Bonus Track) /2009

This Is A Love Song <Cynthia Weil>

Bill Medley (MGM K10425) 12/68

B. J. Thomas (Have A Heart - The Love Songs Collection Varese Sarabande 302 066 209 2) /2005

This Time We'll Know Him <Cynthia Weil>

Time Has A Way <Noel Sherman>

Jerry Keller (Kapp 277) /59

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Time Machine <Howard Greenfield>

Dante & The Evergreens (Madison 135) /60

Don Lang (King 5471)

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Toddle , The <Cynthia Weil, Mike Anthony>

Miss Prim & The Classroom Kids (Amy 872) /63

Together Again <Cynthia Weil>

The Righteous Brothers (Give It To The People Haven/Capitol ST9201) /74

Tomorrow's Another Day <*>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Too Far Out <*>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Too Many Mondays <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (New Design 1006) /71

B. J. Thomas (Songs Paramount 6052) /71

Mary Travers (All My Choices Warner Bros. 2677) /73

Too Proud <Milton Kellem>                      

Johnny Nash (ABC Paramount 45-10060) /59

Up Against The Wall <Cynthia Weil>

Mary Russell (Heart Of Fire Paradise PAK3292) /79

Up From The Street <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Barry Mann Casablanca NBLP7228) /80

Uptown <Cynthia Weil>

The Crystals (Philles 102) /62

The Marvelettes (In Full Bloom Tamla 288) 9/69

Little Eva (L-L-L-L-Loco-Motion Dimension DLPS6000) /63

Roosevelt Grier (Soul City Ric M/S1008) /64

Peter Gordeno (Parlophone R4913) 7/62

Use Me <Cynthia Weil, James Ingram>

George Benson (In Your Eyes Warner Bros. 23744) /83

Variety <Noel Sherman>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Walking In The Rain <Cynthia Weil, Phil Spector>

The Ronettes (Philles 123) /64

Jay & The Americans (United Artists 50605) /69

The Walker Brothers (Philips BF1576 UK) /67

Reparata & The Delrons (Kapp 2050) /70

The Partridge Family (The Partridge Family Notebook Bell 1111) /72

Cheril Ladd (Toshiba ECS17046 Japan) /78

Tracy (Another Goodbye EMI EMGS5030 Singapore) /79

The In Betweeen Set (Rust 5125)

Diane Marino (Just Groovin' M&M MM75553) 7/15/08

War Paint <Howard Greenfield>

Barry Mann (ABC-Paramount 10143) /60

Herbie Jay (Mala 447)

The Brook Brothers (Pye 7N15333 UK) 3/61

Way Of A Clown , The <Howard Greenfield>

Teddy Randazzo (ABC-Paramount 10088) /60

Barry Mann (Who Put The Bomp In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp ABC-Paramount ABCS399) /61

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place <Cynthia Weil>

The Animals (Columbia DB7639 UK) 7/65

Leslie West Band (Phantom 10522) /76

The Partridge Family (The Partridge Family Notebook Bell 1111) /72

Chuck Day & The Young Giants (Parkway 132)

Shorty & The Enchanted Souls (Combo 190)

Kit Kats (Jamie 3032)

American Breed (Bend Me, Shape Me Acta 38003) /68

Arthur Brown (?)

John Fred & His Playboys (?)

David McCallum (Music-A Part Of Me Capitol 2432) /66

Grand Funk Railroad (Grand Funk Lives Full Moon 3625) /81

Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme (?)

Johnny Mathis (?)

The Cryan' Shames (Sugar & Spice Columbia CS9389/CL2589) 10/17/66

Frost (Rock And Roll Music Vanguard 6541) /69

Blue Oyster Cult (Some Enchanted Evening Columbia 35563) /78

David Johansen (Live It Up Blue Sky 38004) /82

Barry Mann (Various: The Red Bird Sound Vol.4 Diamond GEMCD025 UK) /99

Barry Mann (Soul & Inspiration Atlantic 83239-2) 1/18/2000
[appears in different title "We Gotta Get Outta This Place"]

The Starliters (Journey With The Starliters ?)

We Gotta Sing <Cynthia Weil>

The Drifters (Atlantic 2310) /65

We'll Love Again <Cynthia Weil>

Ruby & The Romantics (Kapp 839) /67

We're Going All The Way <Cynthia Weil>

Jeffrey Osborne (Stay With Me Tonight A&M 64940) /83

We're Over <Cynthia Weil>

B. J. Thomas (Songs Paramount PAS6052) /73

Glen Campbell (Rhinestone Cowboy Capitol SW11430) /75

Florence Warner (Epic 32654)

Barry Mann (Barry Mann Casablanca 7228) /80

Johnny Rodriguez (Mercury 6167 024 Australia) /74

Sheri Jarrell (Private Stock 048) /76

Angelo (Midnight Prowl Fantasy 9554)

Lucy Simon (Stolen Time RCA 1745) /77

We're The Guys <Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, Gerry Goffin>

Bob & Jerry And Their Friends (Columbia C42162) /61

What Else Can I Do <Joe Shapiro>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Whatever You Imagine <Cynthia Weil, James Horner>

Wendy Moten (OST: Pagemaster Fox 11019-2) /94

When I'm Not Teenage Anymore <Joe Shapiro>

Karen Lake (ABC-Paramount 10.087) /60

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

When Snow Flakes Fall In The Summer <Cynthia Weil>

The Everly Brothers (The New Album Warner Bros. K56415 UK) /77

Julie London (Liberty F55605) /63

When You Get Right Down To It <*>

Barry Mann (New Design 1005) /71

The Delfonics (Philly Groove 163) /70

Ronnie Dyson (Columbia 4-45387) /73

Aretha Franklin (With Everything I Feel In Me Atlantic SD18116) 11/25/74

Scott Walker (Any Day Now Philips 6308148) /73

Brandi Wells (Watch Out WMOT 37668)

The Mob (Mob Private Stock 2005)

Phyllis Hyman (Prime Of My Life Philadelphia International 11006) /91

Grady Tate (She Is My Lady Janus JLS-3050) /72

Where <Joe Shapiro>             

Caterina Valente (RCA Victor 47-7525)

Where Do I Belong <Russ Titleman>

Calvin Grayson (Capitol 5308) /64

Where Do I Go From Here <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Capitol 5894) /67

Where Have You Been (All My Life) <Cynthia Weil>

Arthur Alexander (Dot 16357) /62

The Searchers (It's The Searchers Pye 18092 UK) /64

The Villagers (Atco 6517) /67

Bobby Sanson & The Giants (Oriole CB1888 UK) /63

The Beatles (Historic Sessions Afeld 1018)

Gary Lewis & The Playboys (?)

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders Fontana TL5230 UK) /64

Gene Vincent (Columbia ? UK) /63

The Merry-Go-Round (The Merry-Go-Round A&M 4132) /67

The Guess Who's (Shakin' All Over Scepter SPS533) /66
[appears in different title "Till We Kissed"]

Ray Columbus and The Invaders (Zodeac ? New Zealand) /65
[appears in different title "Till We Kissed"]

Where Is She? <Cynthia Weil>

Paul Petersen (Colpix 730) /64

Bobby Vee (Liberty 55726) /64

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Johnny Tillotson (You Can Never Stop Me Loving You Cadence CLP3067) /63

Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp) <Gerry Goffin>

Barry Mann (ABC-Paramount 10237) /61

Jan & Dean (Liberty 55496) /62

The Titans (Today's Teen Beat MGM SE3992) /61

Showaddywaddy (Living Legends RCA 6069) /83

Sharon Lois & Bram (Let's Dance! Drive Entertainment 43243) 12/12/95

Frankie Lymon (Roulette R4391) /61
[appears in different title "I Put The Bomp"]

The Viscounts (Pye 7N15379 UK) 10/61

(Why Did You Have To Go And) Pick On Me <Dan Hill>

Dan Hill (Frozen In The Night 20th Century-Fox T558) /78

Why Do We Have To Wait So Long <Cynthia Weil>

Adam Wade (Columbia DB7045 UK) /63

Wild-Eyed Indian <*>

Barry Mann (Lay It All Out New Design 30876) /71

Winter Won't Come This Year <Cynthia Weil>

Bill Medley (MGM 14000) 9/68

Woman <*>

Woman, Woman, Woman <*>

Barry Mann (RCA PB10104) /74

Wondering Love <*>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

World Of Our Own , A <Cynthia Weil, Bernard Jackson>

Surface (A Nice Time For Lovin' Columbia CK48649) /91

You Baby <Cynthia Weil, Phil Spector>

The Ronettes (...Presenting The Febulous Ronettes Philles PHLP4006) /64

Linda Scott (Kapp 713) /65

Lovin' Spoonful (Do You Believe In Magic? Karma Sutra KLPS8050) /65

Jackie Trent (Pye 7N17047 UK) /65

Salt Water Taffy (Finders Keepers Buddah BDS5021) /68

Sonny & Cher (In Case You're In Love Atco 33-203) /67

Len Barry (1-2-3 Decca DL74720) /65

John Holt (?)

The Lovenotes (Cameo ?) /66
[appears in different title "Baby, Baby, You"]

Ray Chafin (Tower 272)
[appears in different title "You, Baby"]

You Can't Compare With My Baby <Cynthia Weil>

Vinnie Monte (Jubilee 5428) /62

You Can't Keep A Good Love Down <Cynthia Weil>

Pia Zadora (Pia Elektra E1-60109) /82

You Created The World                

George Chakiris (It's Been A Swingin' Summer Capitol T2391) /65

You Made A Believer Out Of Me <Joe Sample, Steve Tyrell>

Engelbert Humperdinck (Love Is The Reason Critique 5400) /88

You Turn Me Around <Cynthia Weil>

Reuben Howell (Rings Motown M6-799) 6/74

The Righteous Brothers (Give It To The People Haven/Capitol ST9201) /74

Jack Jones (What I Did For Love RCA APL1-1111) /75

Sheri Jarrell (Private Stock 048)

Mary Travers (It's In Everyone Of Us Chrysalis 1168) /78

The Supremes (The Supremes Motown 828) /75

Cheryl Ladd (Cheryl Ladd Capitol 11808) /78

Shandi (Shandi Sinnamon Asylum 1054) /76

Sami Jo (Sami Jo MGM M3G4998) /75

You're A Drag <Cynthia Weil>

The Runarounds (Capitol 5644) /66

(You're My) Soul And Inspiration <Cynthia Weil>

The Righteous Brothers (Verve VK10303) 2/66

Steve & Eydie (RCA 0334) /70

Johnny Mathis (Columbia 4-45729) /72

The 5th Dimension (Soul And Inspiration Bell 1315) /74

Darlene Love & Bill Medley (OST: One Life To Live SBK K2-28336) /94

The Pigeons (While The World Was Eating Vanilla Fudge Wand WDS687) /68

Donny & Marie Osmond (Polydor 14439) /77

The Blossoms (Bell 797) /69

The Righteous Brothers (Reunion Curb 77423) /91

The Zuider Zee (CBS 202062 UK) /66

Barry Mann (Soul & Inspiration Atlantic 83239-2) 1/18/2000

Chad Everett (Marina MR508)

Vivian Reed (Epic 5-10382)
[A medley with "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"]

You're The Only One <Cynthia Weil, Scott English>

Barry Mann (Barry Mann Casablanca NBLP7228) /80

You're The Only One (Who Understands Me) <*>

Barry Mann (The Right Girl-Brill Building Legends Brill Tone CKW222) /99

You've Been A Long Time Comin' <Cynthia Weil>

Clarence Carter (The Dynamic Clarence Carter Atlantic 8199) /69

Mitchell Braith Waite (Probe 465)

You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' <Cynthia Weil, Phil Spector>

The Righteous Brothers (Philles 124) 10/64

Dionne Warwick (Scepter 12262) /69

Roberta Flack & Danny Hathaway (Atlantic 2837) /71

Gene Pitney (Golden Greats Musicor MM2134/MS3134) /67

Barry Mann (Lay It All Out New Design 30876) /71

Barbara Fairchild (Columbia 3-10195) /75

Johnny Rivers (And I Know You Wanna Dance Imperial 9307) /65

Elvis Presley (That's The Way It Is RCA Victor LSP4445) 12/70

Cilla Black (Parlophone R5225 UK) 2/5/65

The Blossoms (Bell 780)

Bill Pursell (Columbia 43380)

Freda Payne (MGM 13509)

Gladys Knight & The Pips (Silk N' Soul Soul 711) /68

Bill Medley (Song For You A&M 3505) /71

Zebra (Panic Polydor 6043)

Amanda McBroom (Growing Up In Hollywood Town Sheffield Lab 13) /80

Tom Jones (Somethin' 'bout You Baby I Like Parrot PAS71066) /74

Issac Hayes (To Be Continued Enterprise 1014) /70

Billy Preston (Early Hits Of 1965 Vee-Jay VJ1142) /65

Sue & Sunny (Oriok ?)

Cinderman (Moonglow 5021)

Daryl Hall & John Oates (RCA PB12103) /80

Neil Diamond (Up On The Roof Columbia CK57529) /93

Roger Whittaker (Fire & Rain Pair 1111)

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (Nancy & Lee Reprise 6273) /68

Peter Hofmann (Songs & Ballads CBS 39352)

Johnny Harris (All To Bring You Morning Warner Bros. 56185)

Low Rawls (Shades Of Blue Philadelphia International 36774) /80

Kendalls (?)

Kenny Rogers & Dottie West (Classics United Artists 946) /79

Martha Reeves (Rest Of My Life Arista 4105)

Barbara McNair (Real Barbara McNair Motown S680) /69

Flying Pickets (?)

Legs Diamond (Fire Power Cream 1010)

Johnny Rodriguez (Through My Eyes Epic 84196)

Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band (MCA 40861) /78

Edgar & Johnny Winter (Together Blue Sky 34033) /76

The Beach Boys (Made In California Capitol 05099923234529) /2013

Long John Baldry & Kathi MacDonald (EMI America 8018) /79

Buddy Holly (Original Voices Of Crickets Magnum 88) /96

Bill Medley (MCA/Curb 53443) /88

The Righteous Brothers (Reunion Curb 77423) /91

Floyd Cramer (Class Of '65 RCA 3405) /65

The Lettermen (The Hit Sounds Of The Lettermen Capitol 2359) /65

The Wild Ones (The Arthur Sound United Artists 3450) /65

Nancy Wilson (Today-My Way Capitol 2321) /65

Fontella Bass (The 'New' Look Checker 2997) /66

Pozo-Seco Singers (Time Columbia 9315) /66

50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett (More 50 Guitars In Love Liberty LMM-13039/LSS-14039) /67

Boots Randolph (Boots With Strings Monument 18066) /66

King Curtis (The Best Of King Curtis Atco 266) /68

Kool & The Gang (Live At P.J.'S De-Lite DE2010) 10/71
[A medley with "Ike's Mood"]

The Osmonds (The Osmonds "Live" MGM 4826) /72

Telly Savalas (Telly MCA 436) /74

Letta Mbulu (There's Music In The Air A&M 4609) /77

The Firm (The Firm Atlantic 81239) /85

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (Four In Blue Tamla S297) /69

Genesis (Various: Knebworth-The Album Polydor 84702) /90

Phil Upchurch & Tennyson Stephens (Lovin' Feeling Blue Thumb 59)

Marilyn Maye (A Taste Of Sherry RCA Victor LPM3778) /67

Yester, Belland & Somerville (Y, B & S Y, B & S 26-2) /99

Barbara Ann (Piccadilly 7N35221 UK) 1/65

John Schroeder & Orchestra (Working In The Soul Mine Pye NPL38025 UK) /66

Barry Mann (Soul & Inspiration Atlantic 83239-2) 1/18/2000

Pat Boone (Great Hits Of 1965 Dot DLP3685/25685) /66

Neil Diamond (Live In America Columbia C2K 66321) /94

George Hamilton (By George ABC-Paramount ABC535/ABCS-535) /66

The Last Words (The Last Words Atco SD33-235) /68

The Midnight Voices (Is That All There Is Bravo B35503) /70

The Now Generation (Hits Are Our Business Spar 4807) /70

Elvis Presley (As Recorded At Madison Square Garden RCA LSP4776) 6/72

Elvis Presley (An Afternoon In The Garden RCA 07863 67457-2) 3/97

Elvis Presley (That's The Way It Is Special Edition RCA 07863 67938-2) /2000

Elvis Presley (Live In Las Vegas RCA 07863 69354-2) /2001

Etta James (The Chess Box MCA 088 112 288-2) 6/27/2000

Elvis Presley (Elvis Aron Presley RCA CPL8-3699) /80

Elvis Presley (One Night In Vegas BMG 74321-81234-2 Denmark) /2000

Daryl Hall & John Oates (Greatest Hits Live RCA 68094) 11/2001

Vivian Reed (Epic 5-10382)
[A medley with "(You're My) Soul And Inspiration"]

The Charmels (Volt VOA4004) 8/68
[appears in different title "Lovin' Feeling"]

Elvis Presley (The Impossible Dream BMG 82876 59845-2 Denmark) /2004

Elvis Presley (Summer Festival BMG 82876 74209-2 Denmark) /2005

Elvis Presley (I Found My Thrill BMG 82876 86676-2 Denmark) /2006

The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (Together CD additional track Warner Bros./Rhino 8122-79950-4) /2007

Cilla Black (Surprisingly Cilla Towerbell/Cilla Black Ltd TOWLP14) 10/85

Midnight String Quartet (Rhapsodies For Young Lovers, Volume three Viva V-36022) /71

Young As We Are <Noel Sherman>

Barry Mann (Inside The Brill Building Brill Tone BMW111) /98

Sal Mineo (Epic 5-9327) 7/59

Young Electric Psychedelic Hippie Flippy Folk & Funky Philosophic
Turned On Groovy 12 String Band <Cynthia Weil>

Barry Mann (Capitol 2082) /68

Your Little Boy's Come Home <Cynthia Weil>

Donnie Brooks (Era 3063) /61

Your Only Friend <Dan Hill>

Dan Hill (Frozen In The Night 20th Century-Fox T558) /78

Your Seventeenth Spring                

Marty Wilde (Epic 5-9392)

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Brian Wilson | Mark James | Van Dyke Parks