Aaron Neville / Warm Your Heart 
[A&M 5354 /91]

Choral Arrangement on "Louisiana 1927"

Adult Net / The Honey Tangle 
[Fontana 838 717-2 /89]

String Arrangement on "Sad"

Alana Amram and The Rough Gems / Snow Shadows : Songs of Vince Martin
[Kingswood Records /2011]

String Arrangements

Archie Blue / New Day Comin' 
[Red Dog RD-8104 /81]


Arlo Guthrie / Running Down The Road 
[Reprise RS-6346 /69]

Production with Lenny Waronker

Arlo Guthrie / Washington County 
[Reprise RS-6411 /70]

Co-production on "Valley To Pray"

Brothers Figaro ,The / Gypsy Beat 
[Geffen GHS-24295 /90]

String Arrangement on "1959"

Carly Simon / Another Passenger 
[Elektra 7E-1064 /76]

Arrangement on "Darkness 'Till Dawn"

Carly Simon / Film Noir 
[Arista 18984 /97]

Arrangement on "You Won't Forget Me", "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" and "Don't Smoke In Bed"

Cher / Stars 
[Warner Bros. BS-2850 /75]

Steel Drum Arrangement

Chieftains ,The featuring Ry Cooder
[Hear Music 0888072313217 /2010]

Piano and Accordion on "Cancion Mixteca (intro)

Chills ,The / Soft Bomb 
[Slash 828 322 /92]

String Arrangement on "Water Wolves"

Danny Wilde + The Rembrandts / Spin This 
[Eastwest 62059 /98]

Orchestral Arrangement on "Shakespeare's Tragedy" and "Summertime"

Dino Martin ... Sitting In Limbo 
[Reprise REP-1129 /72 (45) ]


Divinyls / Divinyls 
[Virgin 86185 /90]

String Arrangement on "Love School"

Doug Legacy & The Legends of The West ... Christmas on The Range 
[Some Pun'kins L-19074 /86 (45) ]

Production with Ry Cooder

Doug Legacy and The Legends of The West / Hey You! 
[Some Pun'kins SP-2001 /88]

Production and Arrangement on "Something Else"

Eliza Carthy / Angels & Cigarettes 
[Warner Bros. 9 47698-2 /2000]

Arrangement on "The Company of Men" and "Fuse"

Eric Benet / Hurricane 
[Reprise/Friday 47970-2 /2005]

Orchestra Arrangement on "My Prayer"

Esso Trinidad Steel Band ,The / The Esso Trinidad Steel Band 
[Warner Bros. WS-1917 /71]


Fiona Apple / Tidal 
[Clean Slate OK-67439 /96]

String Arrangement on "Never Is A Promise"

Happy End / Happy End 
[Bellwood OF-8 /72 (Japan) ]

Production and Arrangement on "Sayonara America Sayonara Nippon"

Harpers Bizarre / Anything Goes 
[Warner Bros. WS-1716 /68]

Arrangement on "High Coin"

Ian Matthews / Walking A Changing Line 
[Windham Hill WD-1070 /88]

Synthesizer tracks Arrangement on "Only A Motion"

Inara George / An Invitation
[Everloving EVEO24 /2008]


Jesse Harris and The Ferdinandos / White The Music Last 
[Verve Forecast 06024986 19308 /04]

String Arrangement on "Wish I Was A Bird", "Gone Gone Gone", "Mirror Ball" and "One Day The Dam Will Break"

Jimbo Ross / Driven By The Blues 
[Jimbo Ross /98]

String Arrangement on "Help Me Through The Day"

Joanna Newsom / Ys 
[Drag City DC303CD /2006]

Production with Joanna Newsom
Orchestral Arrangements

Joe Henry / Murder of Crows 
[Mammoth MR-0096 /89 (UK) ]

Strings Arrangement on "Hidden Man"

Kelley Ryan / Twist
[Manatee Records MANATEE 004 /2010]

String Arrangement on "Bridie's Eyes" and "The Beautiful Child"

Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle / The Miracle Mile
[Celery Music 98989 /2006]

Strings Arrangement on "The Miracle Mile"

Kristian Hoffman / & 
[eggBERT ER80032 /2002]

String and Horn Arrangement on "Revert To Type"

Kristina Train / Dark Black
[Mercury 3722328 /2012]

Strings Arrangement on "January"

Kula Shaker / Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts 
[Columbia CK-69885 /98]

String Arrangement on "?" (not credited)

Laurie Anderson / Life On A String 
[Nonesuch 79539-2 /2001]

String Arrangements on "Dark Angel"

Leo Kottke / Peculiaroso 
[Private Music 82111 /94]

Arrangement on "Wonderland By Night"

Lightspeed Champion / Bye Bye
[Domino RUG387T /2010]

Arrangement on "Underwater There Is Nothing", Bye Bye Icarus" and "The Mess You're In" (purpotedly)

Little Feat / Feats Don't Fail Me Now 
[Warner Bros. BS-2784 /74]

Production on "Spanish Moon"

Little Feat / Hotcakes & Outtakes: 30 Years of Little Feat 
[Warner Archives/Rhino R2 79912 /2000]

Production on "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" and "Brickyard Blues"

Manhattan Transfer ,The / The Offbeat of Avenues 
[Columbia CK-47079 /91]

Vocal Arrangement on "Blue Serenade"

Mari Iijima / Echo
[Marimusic 21 /2009]

Arrangement with Mari Iijima on "Imaginary Love"

Mark Sebastian / Bleecker Street 
[Dreamsville YDCD-0017 /99 (Japan) ]

Production with Mark Sebastian on "The Calm Before The Storm"

Marley's Ghost / Spooked 
[SAGE ARTS SA0208 /2006]


Medicine / The Buried Life 
[American 45443 /93]

Arrangement on "Live It Down"

Meryl Streep / The Night Before Christmas 
[Rabbit Ears RE2 1828 /92]

Music Arrangement and Production on "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear", 
"Away In A Manger" and "The Holly And The Ivy"

Mighty Sparrow ,The / Hot And Sweet 
[Warner Bros. BS-2771 /74]

Co-production with Andrew Wickham

Mojo Men ,The ... Sit Down, I Think I Love You / 
Don't Leave Me Crying Like Before 
[Reprise 0539 /67 (45) ]


Mojo Men ,The ... Me About You / When You're In Love 
[Reprise 0580 /67 (45) ]

Arrangement with Nick De Caro

Nick Wood ... Free
[Syn PTCQ 1004 /2004]

Background Vocals Arrangement

Original Sound Track / The Jungle Book 
[Disneyland 3948 /68]

Arrangement on "The Bare Necessities" (not credited)

Original Sound Track / Sesame Street presents Follow That Bird 
[BMG 7551744956 2 /85]

Arrangement with Lennie Niehaus

Original Sound Track / Johnny Handsome 
[Warner Bros. 25996 /89]

Horns Arrangement

Original Sound Track / Geronimo 
[Columbia CK-57760 /93]

Arrangement on "The Governor's Ball:Get Off The Track/Danza/Battle of Freedom"

Original Sound Track / Stormy Weather : The Music of Harold Arlen 
[Sony Classical SK87888 /2003]

Arrangement on "It's Only A Paper Moon" performed by Rufus Wainwright
Base Track Arrangement on "As Long As I Live" performed by Shannon McNally

Original Sound Track / The Company 
[Sony Classical SK 93092 /2003]

Production on "Curtain Calls" and " Blue Snake & Zebras"

Original Sound Track / Walk Hard : The Dewey Cox Story
[Columbia 88697 18248 2 /2007]

Arrangement on John C. Reilly's "Black Sheep"

Peter Case / Peter Case 
[Geffen GEFD-24482 /86]

String Arrangement on "Small Town Spree"
Arrangement on "Small Town Spree"

Phil Ochs / Greatest Hits 
[A&M SP-3125 /70]


Randy Newman / Randy Newman 
[Reprise RS-6286 /68]

Production with Lenny Waronker

Randy Newman / Guilty : 30 Years 
[Reprise/Rhino R2 75567 /98]

Production with Lenny Waronker on "The Goat"

Ringo Starr / Stop And Smell The Roses 
[Boardwalk NBI-33246 /81]

Arrangement on ""Drumming Is My Madness", 
"Stop And Take The Time To Smell The Roses" and "Back Off Bugaloo"

Ringo Starr / Ringo 2012
[Hip-O B0016415-02 /2012]

String Arrangement on "Samba"

Robi Draco Rosa / Mad Love 
[Columbia CK86925 /2004]

String Arrangement

Robi Draco Rosa / Como Me Acuerdo... 
[Phantom Vox LAK93380 /2004]

Arreglos cuerdas with Sara Loewenthal and Chris Cameron

Rufus Wainwright / Rufus Wainwright 
[Dream Works DRMD-50060 /98]

String Arrangement and Conduct on "Foolish Love", "Millbrook" and "Baby"
Production with Jon Brion on "Millbrook" and "Baby"

Rufus Wainwright / Want Two 
[Geffen B0003716-00 /2004]

Orchestral Arrangements with Maxim Moston, Rufus Wainwright and Marius de Vries

Ruthann ... Carry On (Glittering Dancer) 
[Reprise 0941]

Executive Production

Ruthann Friedman / Windy : A Ruthann Friedman Songbook
[Now Sounds CRNOW 42 /2013]

Production on "Cary"

Ry Cooder / Ry Cooder 
[Reprise RS-6402 /71]

Production with Lenny Waronker
Arrangement on "One Meat Ball"

Saint Etienne / So Tough 
[Warner Bros. 45166 /93]

Arrangement on "Hobart Paving"

Sal Valentino ... Alligator Man 
[Warner Bros. 7268 /69 (45) ]

Production with Lenny Waronker

Sal Valentino ... Friends and Lovers 
[Warner Bros. 7289 /70 (45) ]

Production with Lenny Waronker

Sam Phillips / The Indescribable Wow 
[Virgin 86056 /88]

Arrangement on "What Do I Do" with T Bone Burnett

Sam Phillips / Cruel Inventions 
[Virgin V2-86213 /91]

String Quartet Arrangement (on "Lying" and "Where The Colors Don't Go")

Sam Phillips / Martinis & Bikinis 
[Virgin 39438 /94]

String Arrangement on "Baby I Can't Please You"

Sam Phillips / Fan Dance 
[Nonesuch 79625-2 /2001]

Arrangement on "Wasting My Time"

Scissor Sisters / Ta-Dah 
[universalmotown B0007499-02 /2006]

Strings Arrangement on "Intermission"

Shortwave Set, The / Replica Sun Machine
[Wall of Sound WOS030CD/949.2030.020 /2008]

Orchestral Arrangement on "Replica", "House Of Lies", "Yesterdays To Come" and "I Know"

Silverchair / Diorama 
[Eleven elevencd8SP /2002]

Orchestral Arrangement on "Across The Night", "Tuna In The Brine" and "Luv Your Life"

Silverchair / Young Modern
[Eleven 255548 /2007]

Orchestral Arrangement with gusto on "If You Keep Losing Sleep", "Those Thieving Birds (Part1 & 2)",
"Strange Behaviour" and "All Across The World"

Stan Ridgway / Mosquitos 
[Geffen 24216-2 /89]

String Arrangement on "Heat Takes a Walk"

Summers Children ... Everybody's Been Talkin' 
[APT 25092 /66 (45) ]

Arrangement with Curt Boettcher (not credited)

Syd Straw / Surprise 
[Virgin 91266 /89]

Production on "Hard Times" with Syd Straw

T Bone Burnett / The Talking Animals 
[Columbia BFC-40792 /88]

Arrangement on "Image"

Thrills ,The / Let's Bottle Bohemia 
[Virgin 7243 8 66953 2 1 /2004]

Strings Arrangement 0n "The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing"

Toad The Wet Sprocket / Coil 
[Sony CK-67862 /97]

Strings Arrangement on "Little Buddha"

Toad The Wet Sprocket / Coil 
[Sony SRCS-8304 /97 (Japan) ]

Strings Arrangement on "Silo Lullaby"

Tom McDermott / Bamboula
[Minky Records MK 3 /2013]

Production ? (not credited)

U2 / Rattle And Hum 
[Island U-27 /88 (UK) ]

String Arrangement on "All I Want Is You"

Various Artists / Stay Awake 
[A&M SP-3918 /88]

Associate Production with Mark Bingham
Co-production on Harry Nilsson's "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"
Co-production on Ringo Starr's "When You Wish Upon A Star"

Various Artists / Rock And Roll Doctor-Lowell George Tribute Album 
[Kaigan KGCW-24 Japan /97]

Production on Inara George's "Trouble"

Various Artists / Enjoy Every Sandwich-The Songs Of Warren Zevon 
[Artemis ATM-CD-51581 /2004]

String Quintet Arrangement on Jorge Calderon and Jennifer Warnes' "Keep Me In Your Heart"

Various Artists / The Harry Smith Project-Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited
[SHOUT Factory 826663-10041 /2006]

String Arrangement on David Thomas' "Fishing Blues" (not credited)

Various Artists / Things About Comin' My Way-A tribute to the music of The Mississippi Sheiks
[Black Hen Music BHMCD 55 /2009]

String Arrangement on Oh Susanna's "Bootlegger's Blues"

Vic Chesnutt / Ghetto Bells 
[New West NW-6071 /2005]

String Arrangement on "Virginia"

Victoria Williams / Happy Come Home 
[Geffen GHS-24140 /87]

String Arrangement on "Shoes", "TC" and "Main Road"

Victoria Williams / Loose 
[Mammoth 92430 /94]

Strings, Woodwinds & Horns Arrangement on "Polish Those Shoes"
String Arrangement on "What A Wonderful World"

Victoria Williams / Water To Drink 
[Atlantic 83361-2 /2000]

String Arrangements on "Until The Real Thing Comes Along" and "Young At Heart"

Vince Martin / Vince Martin 
[Capitol ST-11181 /73]


Voormann & Friends / A Sideman's Journey Box Set
[Mercury 0602527 068060 /2009]

Computer Orchestral Arrangement on "He Needs Me" featuring Inara George

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