Amy Allison / Sheffield Streets
[Urban Myth UM-128-2 /2009]

Accordion on "Dream World"

Archie Blue / New Day Comin' 
[Red Dog RD-8104 /81]

Backing Vocals on "New Day Comin'", "(Zubadu) Badendao", 
"Archie's Reggae" and "Barking at The Moon"
Kalimba on "Barking at The Moon"
Malimba on "Trouble with The Man"
Accordion on "New Day Comin'"

Arnold McCuller / You Can't Go Back 
[What's Good WGR-85000-2 /99]

Accordion on "Emily"

Back Pages / America
[e one EOM-CD-2137 /2011]

Accordion on "My Back Pages"

Beach Boys ,The / Summer in Paradise 
[Brother BBR-727-2 /92]

Accordions and Additional Keyboards

Beach Boys ,The / The Smile Sessions
[Capitol 5099902766621 /2011]

not credited

Beach Boys ,The / The Smile Sessions Box
[Capitol 5099902765822 /2011]

Tack piano, Animal Sounds, Piano(w/strings taped) & conducting, Celeste, Chimes,
12 string electric guitar(left hand chording), Hammond organ, Recorder, Whistle,
Slide whistle, Buzzer and Noise maker on "Heroes And Villains"
Piano(w/strings taped), Tack piano on "Do You Like Worms"
Upright piano on "Cabin Essence"
Control room comments on "Wonderful"
Piano(w/strings taped) and Slide whistle on "Holidays"
Marimba on "Wind Chimes"
Chants & improv percussion on "Psycodelic Sounds 11/4/66"

Beau Brummels ,The / Triangle 
[Warner Bros. WS-1692 /67]

Harpsichord on "Magic Hollow"

Beckley-Lamm-Wilson / Like A Brother [Transparentmusic 500022 /2000]


Biff Rose / Children of Light 
[Tetragrammaton T-116 /68]

Moog on "Ain't No Great Day"

Bonnie Bramlett / Sweet Bonnie Bramlett
[Columbia KC-31786 /73]

Marimba on "Singer Man" (not credited)

Bonnie Raitt / Takin' My Time 
[Warner Bros. WS-2729 /73]

Inspiration, Piano, Body English and Backup Vocal on "Wah She Go Do"

Byrds ,The / Fifth Dimension 
[Columbia CS-9349 /66]


Carly Simon / Another Passenger 
[Elektra 7E-1064 /76]

Pianos, Marimbas and Accordion on "Darkness 'Till Dawn"

Cheryl Bentyne / The Lights Still Burn.... 
[King KICJ462 /2003 (Japan)]


Chieftains, The / Voice of Ages
[Hear Music HRM-33437-02 /2012]

Piano on "Hard Times Come Again No More"

Chocolate Genius Inc / Black Yankee Rock 
[Commotion CR009 /2005]


Clare & The Reasons / The Movie

Piano on "Love Can Be a Crime"

Clare and The Reasons / Live In Amsterdam

Piano on "He Needs Me"

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks 
[Surfdog 44039-2 /2004]

Accordion on "That's Where I Am"
Piano on "Barstool Boogie" and "Texas Kinda Attitude"

Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks / Live at Davies
[Surfdog 51101-2 /2013]

Vocal and Instrumental Guests

Danny Hutton / Pre-dog Night 
[MGM SE-4664 /66]

not credited

dB's ,The / The Sound of Music 
[I.R.S. IRS-42055 /87]

Piano and Synthesizer

Debi Derryberry / What A Way To Play!
[4River Records 67735-70176-2 /2006]

Accordion on "Nose"

Denny Brooks / Denny Brooks 
[Warner Bros. WS-1822 /69]

Liner Notes

Dick Rosmini / A Genuine Rosmini 
[Imperial LP-12400 /70]

Piano and Harpsichord

Doug Legacy & The Legends of The West ... Christmas in Prison / Christmas on The Range 
[Some Pun'kins L-19074 /86 (45) ]


Doug Legacy and The Legends of The West / Hey You! 
[Some Pun'kins SP-2001 /88]

Piano on "Something Else"

Eliza Carthy / Angels & Cigarettes 
[Warner Bros. 9 47698-2 /2000]

Piano on "Perfect" and "Fuse"

Eliza Gilkyson / Redemption Road 
[Silver Wave MTI-397 /97]

Accordion on "Prayer 2000"

Ersi Arvizu / Friend For Life
[Anti 86840-2 /2008]

Piano on "Friend For Life"

Esso Trinidad Steel Band ,The / The Esso Trinidad Steel Band 
[Warner Bros. WS-1917 /71]

Liner Notes with Durrie Parks

Everly Brothers ,The / Roots 
[Warner Bros. 1752 /68]

Assorted Instruments on "You Done Me Wrong"

Five Easy Pieces / Five Easy Pieces[MCA MCAD-11721 /98]


Flaco Jimenez / Flaco's Amigos 
[Arhoolie 3027 /88]

Piano on "Jennette", "Poquita Fe", "Atotonilco" and "La Feria Polka"

Frank Black and The Catholics / Show Me Your Tears 
[spin Art spart-129 /2003]

Piano, Accordion

Gale Garnett / Sings About Flying & Rainbows & Love & Other Groovy Things 
[Dynagroove LPM-3747 /67]


Gene Clark / Echoes 
[Columbia CK-48523 /91]

Keyboards? on "The French Girl" and "Only Colombe" (not credited)

Geoff Muldaur / Password 
[Hightone HCD-8125 /2000]

Pump Organ on "Wait 'Til I Put On My Robe"
Accordian on "Some of These Days"

George Grove / In The Middle of A Life 
[Timber Grove TG1445D /97]

Piano on "Streets of London" and "San Diego Serenade"

Gentle Soul / Gentle Soul 
[Epic BN-26374 /68]


Goldie Hawn ... Pitta Patta 
[Reprise REP-1126 /72 (45) ]

Music Direction

Gordon Lightfoot / If You Could Read My Mind 
[Reprise 6392 /70]

Harmonium on "Cobwebs & Dust"

Graham Lindsey / Hell Under The Skullbones
[Spacebar SBR-101 /2006]

Accordion on "Hole In The Ground"

Grant Geissman / Cool Man Cool
[Futurism Records FR-2054 /2009]

Accordion on "Minnie Lights Out"

Grant Geissman / Bop! Bang! Boom!
[Futurism Records FR-2055 /2012]

Accordion on "$25 Stella"

Hamilton Camp / Here's To You 
[Warner Bros. WS-1737 /67]

Piano, Organ, etc.

Happy End / Happy End 
[Bellwood OF-8 /72 (Japan) ]

Organ and Piano

Harpers Bizarre / Feelin' Groovy 
[Warner Bros. WS-1693 /67]

Piano on "Come To The Sunshine"

Harpers Bizarre / Anything Goes 
[Warner Bros. WS-1716 /68]

Piano on "Anything Goes" and "High Coin"

Harry Nilsson / Flash Harry 
[Mercury 6302 022 /80]


Hirth Martinez / I Love To Play For You - Live In Japan 
[Dreamsville YDCD-0030 /00 (Japan) ]

Accordion on "The Little Angel (Sing With Me)" and "Feeling So Fine"

Haruomi Hosono / Hosonova
[daisyworld VICL63777 /2011]

Piano on "Lazy Bones"

Howdy Moon / Howdy Moon 
[A&M SP-3628 /74]

Piano on "Cheyenne Autumn" and "For Tonight"

Ian Matthews / Walking A Changing Line 
[Windham Hill WD-1070 /88]

Synthesizer and Piano on "Only A Motion"

Inara George / An Invitation
[Everloving EVEO24 /2008]

Accordion and Piano

Indio / Big Harvest
[A&M 5257 /1989]

Accordion on "Life Lies Down"

Jeffrey Foucault / Horse Latitudes
[Signature Sounds SIG 2037 /2011]

Piano, Accordion, Hammond Organ

Jennifer Warnes / Famous Blue Raincoat 
[Private Music 82092 /91]

Synthesizer and Accordion on "Came So Far For Beauty"

Jennifer Warnes / The Hunter 
[Private Music 261974 /92]

Italian 19th century Carmen accordion on "Light of Lousianne"

Jennifer Warnes / The Well 
[Davich/Warnes SD8960 /2001]

Italian 19th century Carmen accordion on "Patriot's Dream"

Jesse Harris and The Ferdinandos / White The Music Last 
[Verve Forecast 06024986 19308 /04]

Accordion on "Mirror Ball"

Jimmy Cliff / Follow My Mind 
[Reprise MS-2218 /76]


Joe Henry / Murder of Crows 
[Mammoth MR-0096 /89 (UK) ]


Joe Henry / Civilians
[Anti 86890-2 /2007]

Piano on "Civil War" and "I Will Write My Book"

Joel Rafael Band / Woodeye: Song of Woody Guthrie
[Nine Yards 7174 /2003]

Accordion on "1913 Massacre" and "Danville Girl"

Joel Rafael Band / Woodyboye: Song of Woody Guthrie (and Tales Worth Telling) Vol.2 
[Appleseed APR CD 1086 /2005]

Piano on "Rangers Command", "Sierra Blanca Massacre", "This Train Is Bound For Glory" and
"Dance Around My Atom Fire"
Accordion on "Stepstone", "Sierra Blanca Massacre", "Circle of Truth" and ""Love Thyself"

John Phillips / Jack Of Diamonds
[Varese Sarabande 302 066 819 2 /2007]


Judy collins / Who Knows Where The Time Goes 
[Elektra EKS-74033 /68]

Piano on "Someday Soon"
Electric Piano on "Pretty Polly"

Kathy Dulton / Amazing 
[Discreet MS-2168 /73]

Tickles The Ivories on "Pour Your Wine" and "At The Tropicana"
Boop-A-Doops The Horns on "At The Tropicana"
Backing Vocals

Laurie Anderson / Life On A String 
[Nonesuch 79539-2 /2001]

Keyboards on "Dark Angel"

Leo Kottke / Peculiaroso 
[Private Music 82111 /94]


Linda Thompson / Fashionably Late 
[Rounder 11661-3182-2 /2002]

Accordion on "Miss Murray"
Accordion and Hammond B3 organ on "Evona Darling"

Little Feat / Sailin' Shoes 
[Warner Bros. WS-1890 /72]

fullerton and okiamhy

Little Feat / Feats Don't Fail Me Now 
[Warner Bros. BS-2784 /74]

Tail Gunner

Little Feat / Hoy-Hoy 
[Warner Bros. 3538 /81]

Liner Notes

Little Feat / Ain't Had Enough Fun 
[Zoo 11097 /95]

Accordion on "Ain't Had Enough Fun"

Loudon Wainwright lll / So Damn Happy 
[Sanctuary 06076-84627-2 /2003]

Piano on "Dreaming", "Westchester County" and "The Home Stretch"

Loudon Wainwright lll / Strange Weirdos
[Concord 0888072303010 /2007]

Piano on "So Much To Do"
Accordion on "Passion Play", "Daughter" and "Grey In L. A."

Lowell George / Thanks I'll Eat It Here 
[Warner Bros. 3194 /79]

Fleeting Lucidity

Mari Iijima / Echo
[Marimusic 21 /2009]


Mark Sebastian / Bleecker Street 
[Dreamsville YDCD-0017 /99 (Japan) ]

Synthesizer Harp on "The Calm Before The Storm"

Marley's Ghost / Spooked 
[SAGE ARTS SA0208 /2006]

Piano, Accordion on "Sail Away, Ladies" and "Love, Not Reason"
Hammond B3, Wurlitzer on "Palms Of Victory"
Piano, Wurlitzer on "Old Time Religion"
Hammond B3, Piano on "The Girl With The Blue Dress On / Sally In The Garden"
Marimba on "Cowboy Lullaby"
Piano, Accordion, Chimes on "The Ballad of Johnny Hallyday"
Piano, Hammond B3, Chimes on "There's Religion In Rhythm"

Mary Gauthier / Between Daylight and Dark
[Lost Highway B0008965-02 /2007]

Piano on "Can't Find The Way"

Masakazu Yoshizawa / Immortality
[East Quest Records /2008]

Accordion on "A Dragonet and The Seine"

Matthew Sweet / Living Things 

Organ on "The Big Cats of Shambala and "Season Is Over"
Piano on "You're Not Sorry", "Dandelion" and "In My Tree" 
Organ, Electric Harpsichord, Marxophone on "Push The Feelings" 
Piano, Organ on "Cats vs. Dogs"
Organ, Piano, Electric Harpsichord, Marxophone on "Sunlight"
Accordion on "Tomorrow"

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs / Under The Covers vol.1 
[Shout! Factory DK-97654 2006]

Organ on "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"
Harpsichord, Piano on "Different Drum"

Medicine / The Buried Life 
[American 45443 /93]

Piano on "Live It Down"

Natalie Merchant / Motherland 
[Elektra 62721-2 /2001]

Accordion on "Motherland"

Nicolette Larson / In The Nick of Time 
[Warner Bros. HS-3370 /79]

Keyboards on "Trouble"

Nilsson / Duit On Mon Dei 
[RCA APD1-0818 /75]

Music Coordination
Piano on "It's a Jungle Out There", "Down By The Sea", "Turn Out The Light", 
"Puget Sound" and "Home"
Synthesizer on "Puget Sound"

Nilsson / Sandman 
[ RCA APD1-1031 /75]


Nilsson / ...That's The Way It Is 
[RCA APL1-1119 /76]


Original Sound Track / Alamo Bay 
[Slash 25311-1 /85]

Piano on "Theme From Alamo Bay"

Original Sound Track / Crossroads 
[Warner Bros. 25399 /86]

Piano on "See You In Hell, Blind Boy"

Original Sound Track / Trespass 
[Sire 45220 /92]

Piano on "Party Lights"

Original Sound Track / Primary Colors 
[MCA MCAD-11775 /98]

Piano on "Camptown Races" and "There Will Be A Happy Meeting In Glory"

Over The Rhine / Meet Me At The Edge Of The World
[Great Speckled Dog GSD 106 /2013]

Accordion on "Favorite Time Of Light"

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Brian Wilson | Mark James | Van Dyke Parks